About Us

We are two passionate game developers that love making and playing games.

Dreambound Studios AB is our company that we run part-time besides our ordinary jobs.

Fungus War

An epic struggle between two fungi in a flowerpot, overseen by Mr Snowman!

This was our entry into Ludum Dare 31.

The winning theme for the competition was Entire Game on One Screen. But wanting to pay tribute to our favorite theme that sadly lost, Mr Snowman came to be.

Due to time constraints we only ever made a Windows version of the game. And even if we can’t guarantee it will run, please feel free to download it.

Wedding Heroes

Having taken the wrong exit on your way to the wedding, you find yourself lost in the dark woods. Can you fight of the roaming ghosts, and pick your way back?

This game was developed in 2014 as a wedding present to a close family member.

Golem Wars

A prototype multiplayer RTS game we developed during 2013. Wield large armies of golems agains up to 7 other players.